Netshoes — Maratona de Descontos

Advertising – '20


When the project requires this kind of results but the timeline doesn't help, you better have a team of superhero artists on your side. Glad we had only the very best!

We teamed up with our friends at Dirty Work and Oito Olhos to produce this gem for Netshoes Brasil.



Creative Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo. Executive and General Production: Ana Sieglitz and Juliana Millán. Production Assistant: Carolina Cantero. Animation Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo and Maricel Piazza. 2D Animation: Emmanuel Zampalo, Franco Pellicciaro, Mariano Fernandez Russo, Maricel Piazza, Leonardo Cirius. Clean Up: Alan Mohamed, Gabriela Bosco, Julieta Culaciati, Maricel Piazza, Sofia Diaz Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo. Production Company: Dirty Work. Executive Producer: Ito Andery and Hwira Gabin. Directors: Oito:Olhos (Christopher Rocha & Pedro Fernandes). Account Manager: Karima Ruhmann. Production Coordinator: Antonela Castro. Storyboard and Animatic: Antonio Soares Neto. Illustrators: Ryan Smallman, George Schall and Math Oliveira. Audio: Input Arte Sonora Executive. Producer: Mario di Poi. Musical Direction: Teco Fuchs Sound. Editing: Danilo Chen. Mix and Master: Rafael Benvenuti. Voice Over: Fabian Jorge.