Morgan Stanley — IQ

Advertising – '21


Who would imagine that a finance graphics could become such a beautiful animation? We teamed up with our friends from 1stAve BA to create this elegant piece for Morgan Stanley, directed by Dave Maruchniak.



Creative Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo. Executive and Line Production: Ana Sieglitz & Juliana Millán. Production: Caro Cantero & Antonela Castro. Animation Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo, Maricel Piazza. 2D and Motion Animation: Maricel Piazza, Mariano Fernández Russo, Lionel Skliar & Vicente Ziegler. 3D: Fernando Lamattina & Vicente Ziegler. Clean Up: Alan Mohamed & Sofía Díaz. Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo. 1stAve BA Executive Producers: Nick Litwinko, Lautaro Brunatti, Leticia Cristoph, Lisanne McDonald. Director: Dave Maruchniak. Line Producer: Juli Tagger. Illustration: Nahuel Roldán & Mariano Aponte.