Facebook — Vinyl Junkies 360

Advertising – '21


If you're a Vinyl Junkie like us you'll love this 360 trip we did for Facebook last year.

Let's give this team all the love because indeed, they animated each and single one of those 29 flowers and 20 mushrooms you see!

Facebook Vinyl Junkies 360


Production Company: 1stAveBA. Direction: Hueso. Illustration: Nahuel Rollan & Juan Casal. Audio: The Teenage Diplomat. Animation and Final Composition: Club Camping.
Club Camping: Creative Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo. EP: Ana Sieglitz and Juliana Millán. Line Producer: Carolina Cantero. Animation Direction: Maricel Piazza. 2D Animation: Leandro Vargas, Franco Pellicciaro and Maricel Piazza. Motion Animation: Vicente Ziegler. Clean Up: Alan Mohamed, Gabriela Bosco and Sofía Diaz. Composition: Mariano Fernández Russo. Render: Thomas Graham.