Disney Descendants — Falling

Advertising – '21


We were invited by our friends of 2veinte to animate this dreamy film part of the promotional campaign of the new Disney Descendants movie.

It was a LOT of work to get these results, but Maricel Piazza, the director/ life savior/ amazing sticker star, will explain the process better than us.


Descendants set a high challenge for us to meet from start to end. Since the characters’ style and fluidity of the animation is one of the most difficult to reach. Because of this, it was hard to make it look like it was done by the same hand, but we were able to meet our challenge with a lot of team effort.

The character’s model had a meticulous work starting from the art stage. We were looking for appealing and expressive poses. The line art was cleaned up with a modulated line to make it look more delicate.

Most of the project was done in 2D, including backgrounds and FX like speed lines, and little sparks that later had a glow treatment in After Effects to emphasize a dreamy look.



Directed and Produced by 2veinte. Clubcamping Creative Direction: Mariano Fernández Russo. EP: Ana Sieglitz & Juliana Millán. Line Production: Laura Casadiego. Animation Direction: Maricel Piazza. Animatic: Maricel Piazza, Che Marcheti. 2D and Motion Animation: Maricel Piazza, Jefferson Lima Rocha, Emmanuel Zampalo, Gastón Herrera, Micaela Gabot, Cintia Czeszczewik, Lucía Vidal. Clean Up: Alan Mohamed, Sofía Díaz, Gabriela Bosco, Jorge Alveal, Ignacio Alveal, Christopher Aliaga, Jonathan Córdoba, Penblade Studio. Art: Delfina Perez Adan, Paula Boffo Miroli, Constanza Oroza, Martín Vinograd. Edit: Juan Raimondi. Compositing: Yago López.